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25 September 2009 @ 05:30 pm

I think I'm tired of talking to people. And that's a shame because I used to really enjoy being social. But it seems like my social group has either fallen behind or far outpaced me. I can never decide which. I constantly find myself in the position of either being agreed with completely or disagreed with absolutely.

In one situation I find myself and my co-conversationalist echoing each other as we continually repeat and rephrase what the other person just said, until we have refined our position on the matter to it's most elegant and poignant phrasing. Then we will just sit there shaking our head and saying, "Wow", until someone changes the subject. This is fun in small doses, but it tends to putter out after an hour so and then you just start playing video games.

With the other situation I find myself repeating the aforementioned refined points to people who disagree with me. But rather than refute or rebuff the point I just made, They wait for me to begin to taper off and then launch into their own speech-- which may or may not have any connection to the point that I just made. These conversations are particularly irritating to me because I feel like we should acknowledge who is right before moving on. This leads to a situation where we stand there, intractable, unwavering in our positions. One of us completely stubborn and one of us, (usually me.) right. And so, in order to break the stalemate, someone (never me.) will inevitably announce the dreaded statement:

"Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree."

Now look. There are things that you can agree to disagree on. Breakfast makes a good dinner. Jogging in the morning is better than jogging at night. Steel Magnolias is a great movie. These are opinions, disagree with them all you like. Go crazy. Have a ball.

To quote a better writer than I, “Facts are stubborn things.”

You don’t get to disagree with fact. It is what makes fact a fact. It is a word that defines itself. If something is a fact then it is, by it’s very nature correct. If you do disagree with a fact then you are wrong. Period.

For example. Global warming is a fact. Sorry it just is. You can argue the severity of it, because that is in dispute. You can argue the significance of it. You can even argue whether the cost of reforming it outweighs the benefits. But you cannot argue with it’s existence because it is a FACT.

Another example. The health care bill being considered in congress does not endorse, propose, or even mention “Death Panels” There is no way that any sane individual could get Death Panels from even the most politically skewed reading of that bill. Anyone who says other wise is disagreeing with fact.

Of course that leads us into lies. And that is a post in itself.

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25 September 2009 @ 04:31 pm

I am going to try and make a habit of putting my thoughts down in writing.  It is something I have always thought I needed to do, but I confess to having a lazy streak a mile wide.  A mile that I am generally unwilling to cross. 

I realize that I am way late getting on the blogwagon, but I just turned thirty, and realizing that my life is never going to make anything out of me,  I decided that I should start making something out of my life.  And this is my first, incredibly modest effort at doing something constructive, productive, and ....coughgarble...ductive.  If you ever get to know me you will learn that my efforts are the only thing modest about me.

I'm not actually expecting anyone to read my blog, or journal, or whatever the hell this is.  But it's out there if you want to.   I'll probably talk about politics and entertainment, and maybe just a little about what's going on in my life.  Whatever.  If anyone ever reads this and responds to any of it, then I'll be happy, and I will respond back, and hopefully we will disagree vehemently, and that will spark me to make another post.   

I am not always nice when I write, and I can sometimes be hyperbolic to a fault.  If you find yourself reading this and thinking I'm an idiot then feel free to say so.  You'll be wrong, of course, but I can usually use the disagreement to launch a new tirade of idiotic ramblings and get a few new posts out of that.  And since I have a hard time staying motivated, I could use the help!

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